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Are files and folder names case-sensitive?
No. :-) (Some switches are case-sensitive though)

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How do I apply my tweaks to all users?
You have to import the HKEY_CURRENT_USER tweaks from cmdlines.txt. Please, refer to the Registry Tweaks article for more details.

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How do I open and edit winnt.sif and *.cmd files?
Open Notepad. Either drag the file to the Notepad window, or use File > Open, change Files of Type to All Files, then browse to the file you want to edit. You may want to associate .sif and .cmd files with Notepad to save time.

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I don't have enough space to burn Windows XP with all the extras, what should I do?

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I'm worried that the installation of my Pre-SP2 hotfixes may have clashed with older/newer files when I ran the hotfix batch, how can I verify that the hotfixes have been installed correctly?
Use a Microsoft command-line utility tool, known as QFECheck to verify that each hotfix is installed correctly. You can download QFECheck and read about it at the Microsoft Knowledge Base Q282784.

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None of the files and folders I put in \$OEM$\$1\ copied over during install, have I missed something out?
You will need to change


in the winnt.sif file.

If you're installing Windows from a CD, make sure the $OEM$ folder is in the root of the CD (parallel to i386). If you are installing Windows from the HDD or a network drive, place the $OEM$ folder inside i386. In the latter case you can also specify the path to OEM files in the answer file in the [Unattended] section: OemFilesPath = path_to_$OEM$_folder.

Use CDIMAGE to create the ISO, then simply burn it in you favorite burning software (CTRL+O). If you prefer to use Nero for the compilation, check your ISO compilation settings

Unattended XPCD

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When I start Windows XP Setup from CD, I get the message:
You didn't copy the CD Ident files when you copied over your Windows XP files from the CD to C:\XPCD\

For SP1, those are:
WIN51, WIN51IP, and win51ip.SP1

For SP2, those are:
WIN51, WIN51IP, and win51ip.SP2

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Why do files copied from my $OEM$ folder get the read only flag?
All files on a CD are read only. That's what a CD is about. Since Windows keeps the flags intact, the files copied onto the hard drive are read only too.

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