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Title Author Select?
Accelerate Termination Of Hung User Processes Wait Time Unknown
Accelerate Termination Of Processes/Services At Shut Down Unknown
Add Microsoft Registry Editor (RegEdit) to My Computer Unknown
Add MSConfig to My Computer Unknown
Add or Remove Programs From My Computer Unknown
Add UserPasswords2 to Control Panel Unknown
Adding items to My Computer display Unknown
Adds Administrative Tools Unknown
Advanced Privacy Settings: Cookies Unknown
AutoAccept EULA for Media Player's first run Unknown
Automate Boot Disk Optimization Unknown
Automatic Termination Of Processes At Shut Down Unknown
Automatically Logon to a Specific User Account Unknown
Bypass Internet Connection Wizard Unknown
Change Default Search Page To Google Unknown
Change My Computer Name Unknown
Change Wallpaper On Login Screen (For Non-Welcome Screen Users) Unknown
Classic Control Panel Unknown
Clear Pagefile on Shutdown Unknown
Command Prompt Here Unknown
Commonly Used Icons On Desktop Unknown
Completely disable accessibility options Unknown
Copy to Folder and Move to Folder Menu Unknown
Crash Windows on Demand Unknown
Customize the Classic Logon Box Unknown
Customize your Open and Save Dialog Boxes Unknown
Decrease Start Menu Delay Unknown
Disable Alerter Service (2000+) Unknown
Disable annoying message in IE Unknown
Disable Automatic Restart in the event of a BSOD Unknown
Disable Caching of Failed DNS Lookups Unknown
Disable Computer Browser Service Unknown
Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard Unknown
Disable Error Reporting, but notify when errors occur Unknown
Disable FilterKeys, StickyKeys, and ToggleKeys Unknown
Disable Grouping of Similar Taskbar Buttons in Start Menu Unknown
Disable IE 'Send Information To Internet' Prompt. Unknown
Disable IE Autocomplete Unknown
Disable IE Autocomplete Prompt Unknown
Disable IE Cookie "Privacy Icon" Prompt Unknown
Disable Indexing Service Unknown
Disable IPSEC Services Unknown
Disable Messenger Service Unknown
Disable Mouse Pointer Precision Unknown
Disable Recent Shares in Network Places Unknown
Disable Remote Assistance Unknown
Disable Remote Registry Service Unknown
Disable Reusing Of Windows Unknown
Disable Security Center messages Unknown
Disable Synchronize time via Internet Unknown
Disable System Restore Unknown
Disable Windows File Protection Unknown
Disable Windows Firewall Unknown
disable windows firewall notifications Unknown
Disable Windows Tour bubble popup Unknown
Disabling the C$, D$ and ADMIN$ Shares Unknown
Do Not Start MS-Messenger with Outlook Express Unknown
Do not use Simple File Sharing Unknown
DOSBox in drive and directory context menu Unknown
Edit .NFO Files w/ Notepad Unknown
Enable DVD Playback In WMP Unknown
Enable NUM LOCK at Login Unknown
Enable Remote Desktop Unknown
Enable Status and Address Bar In Explorer Unknown
Enable Wordwrap in Notepad Unknown
Enable/Disable System Properties from My Computer Unknown
Ensure Automatic Updates Is Set To "Automatic" Unknown
Hide the Run as... option from the context menu Unknown
Increase cache for custom folders Unknown
Increase Icon Cache Unknown
Launch IE Browser in separate processes Unknown
Logon with Classic or Welcome Screen Unknown
Lower Maximum Size Of Recycle Bin From 10% to 2% Unknown
MenuShowDelay Tweak Unknown
Modify Visual Effects Unknown
My Computer First Unknown
no windows sounds Unknown
office 2003 quality management off Unknown
Open Unknown File Extensions w/ Notepad Unknown
Optimize Processor Time On the System Unknown
Pin Items to Start Menu Unknown
Prioritization Of IRQs (Specifically CMOS/RTC) Unknown
Prune History Every Day Unknown
Put My Computer Shortcut on Desktop Unknown
Reduce Disk Space Used By System Restore Unknown
Reduce Reserved Bandwidth For QoS Packet Scheduling Unknown
Remove "My Recent Documents" from the Start menu Unknown
Remove All Browser Extensions Unknown
Remove All Browser Helper Objects Unknown
Remove All Toolbars Unknown
Remove Annoying Balloon Notifications Unknown
Remove Common Startup Items - Generic Unknown
Remove Common Startup Items - HP/Compaq Unknown
Remove Common Startup Items - Sony Unknown
Remove Common Startup Items - Toshiba Unknown
Remove Help and Support from start Menu Unknown
Remove Language Bar Unknown
Remove Shared Documents Unknown
Remove The Alexa extension Unknown
Remove the MRU list from Open/Save dialog boxes Unknown
Remove the Office 2003 Check for Updates option Unknown
Remove the Quick Links in Open/Save Dialog Boxes Unknown
Remove WMP Right Click Options (Queue-it-up, etc.) Unknown
Set Keyboard Num-Lock to be ON Unknown
Setup Regedit views and settings Unknown
Setup Task Manager the way you want it. Unknown
Show Admin on Welcome screen Unknown
show file extensions in explorer Unknown
show hidden files/folders in explorer Unknown
Show or Conceal Hidden Devices in Device Manager Unknown
Small icons on the CLASSIC start menu Unknown
Speed Up Access To AVI Files Unknown
Speed up Network Browsing by removing Network Scheduled Tasks Unknown
standard logon box Unknown
Temporary Internet Files and History Unknown
Tweak Windows Prefetcher Service Unknown
Unload DLLs From Memory Unknown
Use Classic Search in Explorer Unknown

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