Compressed Files and ModifyPE

As you work with replacing Windows files, or even just plain adding files to the CD, you may recieve a few errors about copying files or find that the file you're replacing used to be compressed.

A little program called ModifyPE will fix the checksums of files that have been edited, and prevent the dreaded "File was not copied correctly" error.

Makecab will recompress the modified files, or if you're just plaining adding files, into the .??_ equivalent ( .dll to .dl_ ). This will also compress the file sizes.

Expand will decompress the compressed files so that they're back to their normal form.

Let's go through and fix those copy errors, and recompress - expand those files.

ModifyPE | Makecab | Expand

» ModifyPE

First thing you'll need to do, is download the ModifyPE executable from here.
Now comes a decision of placement. You could place the downloaded file in any directory, or for ease of use in your System32 directory.
Congratulations, that's all you had to do.

» Makecab

Makecab is a standard command on Windows XP systems. If for some reason that you do not have the file (you'll know when you try the below steps), then download this file, and save it in your System32 directory.

» Expand

Expand, like Makecab, is also a standard Windows command, and like makecab, is also available for download here.

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