Drivers via CD

In this section, we will complete the same process as Drivers via WINNT.SIF except that they will install from CD. This will decrease the amount of time setup requires to complete, and depending on the number of drivers you have will also simplify the process slightly.

This whole method is all made possible by Pyron who created these few small programs for use in this process. The original forum thread can be found here. You will also need to download these following files, and save them in a temporary location:

I supposed this is a good time for a brief outline of what you're about to do. Basically, you're going to create the same folder structure as in Drivers via WINNT.SIF. You're then going to replace SETUP.EX_ in your Windows Source with the one you just downloaded. Make a few entries in TXTSETUP.SIF and your drivers will be good to go.

» How to prepare your drivers

All drivers are packaged differently, which is why we can't make a guide for every driver. But most of them can be extracted using extraction software and will contain one, or several INF files inside.

Create a base driver folder in your Windows Source location (it does NOT have to be in $OEM$ at all), for example %WINSRC%\Drivers with %WINSRC% being the path to your Windows Source. I suggest extracting your driver files to the proper corresponding folder below, and don't worry about subfolders, let them be created. You'll see why it won't matter..

Name your folders starting with numbers, this ensures that specific drivers get installed in a numerical order. As you may already know, its important for chipset drivers to be installed before any other driver, this is why the chipset folder is given a number of 000, so its the first folder that Setup checks and installs. Here's an example below of how you can lay yours out:


So first, its the chipset drivers, then your network card, followed by graphics and sound (and tv out if you have one), then monitor drivers, and lastly any peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse, printer etc.

Copy all your driver folders to \Drivers

Unattended XPCD Unattended XPCD

» Prepare Windows Source files

» Making Changes to presetup.cmd

» Summarizing

You have just completed allowing your Windows setup to install the drivers from CD. SetDevicePath.exe will scan the recursively all the directories in the path you specify (see the presetup.cmd file for example), so even subfolders are also scanned. Any INF's found are added to the Device Path that Windows checks when it find new hardware. In this fashion, just drop any future drivers into your driver folder, and Windows will automatically use them if neccesary during setup.

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