Classic Style Setup Billboards

This should really be attributed to MStest as he was the first to write on this subject. However, since then, another forum user hp38guser added the ability to increase the resolution and color depth during Setup.

This process will change the billboards from the blue/grey still that is found in Windows XP and Windows 2003 setups to the boxes found in Windows 2000 setup. It won't alter the setup process in anyway, just the look of it. It will look like below.

Unattended XPCD

» Enabling the Classic Billboards

This step is simple.

» Changing the resolution & Color Depth

This section is entirely optional in this process. It will only allow you to change the background to a higher resolution and color depth during setup.

Add the following six lines into the hivesys.inf file, located in the i386 directory of your Windows Setup Source. Add them, just after the [AddReg] entry.


The above will set the resolution to 1024x768 with a color depth of 32bits. If you wish to change the resolution, change the corresponding numbers. Keep in mind however, that resolutions 1280x1024 and above are limited to 16bit colors.

» Changing the background

Now comes the easy part, in terms of changing the screen. Simply create a image at 800x600 with 256 colors (unless you changed the resolution and color depth above).

Save the file as setup_w.bmp if you're using Windows XP or setup_s.bmp if using Windows 2003 and replace the original in your i386 directory.

» Changing the transparency of the Setup Window

You've set a really cool high-res pic but the annoying setup window comes in the way. So, what to do about it?
You will need: Wintrans
Make an AutoIt script from one of the following:
For Windows XP Professional:
Run ("wintrans.exe -a 170 -n ""Windows XP Setup""", "", @SW_HIDE)
WinWaitActive ("Windows XP Professional Setup", "")
Run ("wintrans.exe -a 170 -n ""Windows XP Professional Setup""", "", @SW_HIDE)

For Windows XP Home Edition:
Run ("wintrans.exe -a 170 -n ""Windows XP Setup""", "", @SW_HIDE)
WinWaitActive ("Windows XP Home Edition Setup", "")
Run ("wintrans.exe -a 170 -n ""Windows XP Home Edition Setup""", "", @SW_HIDE)

Save it as transparency.au3 in your Desktop.
Using AutoIt3 or above, convert it to an EXE. Set any icons, compression etc. Copy transparency.exe into $OEM$\$1 and in WINNT.SIF or UNATTEND.TXT, put

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