Unattended XPCD

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Download: PDF Format of the Unattended XP CD Guide

PDF copy of this entire site for offline reading. It has been packaged in a ZIP archive to try and reduce the size of the file.

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Download: Windows Media Player 9.0 - Windows Media Player 10

Silent Install packages for Windows Media Player. Just select your version.

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Download: CDR - a command line CD Drive Ejector utility

CDR.exe is a command line utility which you can execute to eject one or more CD/DVD drives. This can be used as a replacement for the cd_eject.vbs script file, which wasn't all that great in terms of functionality. Use CDR.exe /? for a full list of switches and examples.

Why would you want to use this tool? This can be handy to eject your Windows XP CD before performing replace/delete commands in the Windows or System32 directories, in which case Windows File Protection can intefere at times when the CD is in the drive.

Usage: CDR.exe open ALL

Thanks to devil270975 for developing this tool for MSFN.org

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Download: CMDOW - a command line Window Utility

Recent feedback from the MSFN Forums have shown that users may want to hide the command window from the end-user. There are also a number of other features included, so check out the site above for a full list.

Extract cmdow.zip, and then copy cmdow.exe into: C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$$\System32\ (This allows cmdow to be executed from anywhere when placed in the Windows System32 Directory)

Usage: cmdow @ /HID

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Download: Sleep

You may come across a program that ignores the "start /wait" syntax, due to the program itself launching another process. Sleep.exe can be used to pause your batch for any number of seconds to allow the program to install fully before the batch file proceeds to install anything else.

Extract sleep.zip, and then copy sleep.exe into: C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$$\System32\ (This allows sleep to be executed from anywhere when placed in the \Windows\System32 Directory)

Usage: sleep.exe 30

(the above syntax will halt your batch file for 30 seconds)

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Download: Video Resolution Changer

For some users, the values under [Display] in winnt.sif to set the resolution, color depth and refresh rate doesn't always work as it should. This executable can be run from [GuiRunOnce] to set the Display settings.

Extract 1365Vidchng.zip, and then copy 1365VidChng.exe into: C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$$\System32\ (This allows 1365VidChng to be executed from anywhere when placed in the Windows System32 Directory)

Usage: 1365VidChng.exe 1024x768x32@85 -q

The above will set a resolution of 1024x768, with a color depth of 32-bits, and a refresh rate of 85Hz. The -q switch will force VidChng to run quietly. Simply edit accordingly and then place this command at the very start of your [GuiRunOnce] batch file to set the Display Setting.
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