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This site - Creating an Unattended Windows XP CD - was built in mind that it covers the foundations and basics of an Unattended XP CD. This is why you won't find any of the more complex advanced features of an Unattended CD on here.

This is why we have member pages! Dedicated members of MSFN have created various methods of doing different things so you can improve your CD further, so be sure to check them out for enhancements!

» gosh.msfn.org - by gosh

Home of the popular "Reducing Size Of Source" guide to slim down your Windows XP CD! gosh is MSFN's resident file-hacker and his guides cover an assortment of references on INF files and how you can modify the way Windows XP Setup runs. A hotfix slipstream by gosh is also in the works. Note: This site is no longer updated, so some info may be outdated.

» greenmachine.msfn.org - by GreenMachine

GreenMachine has written up several articles on how you can package files with IExpress, a hotfix installation methods compared benchmark, and his own XP CD Creator guide to maintain an updated CD of slipstreamed hotfix updates.

» Multiboot DVD Guide - by flyakite

It's nice to have an unattended CD that will install all of your favorite programs, registry tweaks, and hotfixes all while you sit on the couch eating pizza and watching Futurama right? But, what if you decide you want to install Windows 98 and Windows XP on your computer, and you don't want to have to carry around multiple CDs? That's where this guide comes in handy.

» nLite - by nuhi

nLite is an all-in-one GUI utility that will give you the ability to permanently remove unwanted components such as Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Media Player, MSN Explorer, MSN Messenger and a variety of other components from your own Windows CD. This results in a slimmer Windows CD, faster Windows installation, more hard disk space, and is also known to free up RAM resources when using a cut-down version of Windows.

» UpdateXP - by techtype

This tool is designed to automatically install your hotfixes without having to create batch scripts for them. All you have to do is dump specific hotfixes files in seperate folders that UpdateXP will automatically read, and then runs the correct switches on them!

» Windows XP SP1 in 185MB - by jdeboeck

The purpose of this guide is to remove Windows components and drivers from the installation CD, in order to save space and increase performance, both during setup and in the installed operating system. This is done by a series of batchfiles that do everything to remove files and prevent setup from displaying any errors.

» Windows Install Helper Utility - by Benjamin Kalytta

WIHU is an easy to use tool for account creation and software installation. It is intended to be used for unattended windows installations. It contains an software installer interface which installs software components or hotfixes from CD or directly from hard disk which is described in install.ini or userspecified ini file. Source code is fully available with no restriction. It is tested on Windows XP and Windows 2000 only.

» Winnt.sif Creator - by b0r3d

An alternative tool to the Setup Manager from the Deployment Tools for creating your winnt.sif file! A nice and easy to use program that also has the added bonus of including registry tweaks too! Note: This is an outdated tool and may contain several bugs.

» XPlode - by Wraith

A visually-stunning cmdlines.txt and RunOnceEx replacement for an unattended Windows XP installation that runs at the T-9 minute stage of Windows XP Setup.

» Collection of Forum Threads - MSFN Forums

Members in the forums have written up threads discussing topics on how to use Registry HIVE files, how to change your Windows XP Setup screen, using VBS scripts to automate certain things, using RunOnceEx instead of batch files, and much more all on one listing.

» XPize - by XPero

XPize is a GUI enhancer that replaces most of the non-XP icons, avis and bmps that Microsoft has always overlooked. It also includes some extras and a reloader, which you can use after visiting Windows Update.

Unattended Windows Xp

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