Unattended XPCD

Beginner's Introduction
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Welcome to the beginner's section of the guide. This portion is intended solely to get your CD updated and create a basic Unattended disc. What this means, is that you get your CD/DVD updated with the latest service packs and hotfixes and automating the majority of Windows Setup.

What you will need:
  • A Windows CD. This portion of the guide is applicable with Windows 2000 through Windows 2003.
  • The Service Pack you wish to use for your operating system. You will need the NETWORK INSTALL. It's the larger of the two options to download. Windows 2000 SP4 - Windows XP SP1a - Windows XP SP2
  • The Deployment tools for your operating system. This guide will cover the build for Windows XP SP2. Those can be found here
When testing your CD/DVD, instead of burning countless test discs, you could use a Virtual Machine. They're slightly slower, but you don't have to reformat your computer just to test your CD/DVD.
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