Unattended XPCD

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Of the manual methods, this is most likely one of the simplest. All we're going to do is execute the hotfixes we downloaded previously, and add the /INTEGRATE switch to them.

» Getting down to business

  • Open up the Run dialog box.

    Unattended XPCD

  • Click browse, and select your first hotfix file.

  • Now click into the box, and type:

    Change C:\XPCD to the directory you copied your source to in Step 1.

  • Click OK.

  • When the process has finished, a box similar to this should appear:

    Unattended XPCD

  • Continue repeating these steps untill you have processed all the hotfixes you have downloaded.

» Automating this process via a batch file

This batch file will automatically slipstream hotfix EXEs into your XP SP2 source. Place all of the updates into the same folder as the batch.
TITLE Windows XP SP2 Slipstreamer brought to you by www.MSFN.org
@echo off
ECHO Slipstreaming Windows XP SP2 Updates
ECHO Please wait...
FOR %%f IN (*.exe) DO "%%f" /Integrate:C:\XPCD
ECHO Slipstreaming Completed!

And of course, replace C:\XPCD to where your source is.

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