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Intermediate Introduction
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Welcome to the Intermediate section of the guide. This portion is intended to take your basic Unattended CD you created in the Beginner section, and turn it into a CD that will also install your drivers and your favorite applications. Along with a few Registry Tweaks, your CD may just be what you've needed for quite some time, a CD that will install Windows and have it completely usable from the start. Good luck with this portion of the guide, and remember if you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask in the forums.

What you'll need:
  • A Basic Unattended CD from the Beginner Section
  • Some basic knowledge on Batch scripting
  • All your drivers and favorite programs handy

» OEM Preinstallation

We will be using the $OEM$ distribution folders to install our favorite software, drivers, and registry tweaks. But to make this work, we need to specify two values in the WINNT.SIF file under [Unattended]

To edit the WINNT.SIF file, simply open it up in Notepad and edit it as follows:

OemPreinstall=Yes instructs Windows XP Setup that there is an $OEM$ distribution share on the CD. This will tell setup to copy them over to the destination hard drive of where Windows is being installed.

UnattendSwitch="yes" instructs Windows XP Setup to skip the "Welcome to Windows XP" screens, where user account and Internet setting-up takes place. If you didn't skip this then it wouldn't really be "unattended," would it? :-) (Although we'll worry about User Account creation by going to the Add Users & Auto Logon page later.)

Now remember, just as with the beginner section, it is highly advisable to use a Virtual Machine. The downside of a Virtual Machine, at least in this section, is that you will have to hope your drivers will install in a real system, but drivers are usually the easy thing to get working.
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