Unattended XPCD

B‚shrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks
Submitted by Unknown

These packs were created by B‚shrat the Sneaky in the forum to allow as many drivers as possible to be included on the CD. The best part about these packs, is that you don't have to find the drivers individually to add them, they're all included in the packs. No more searching for updated drivers each time you update your unattended Windows CD either, nor taking care of exceptions (for example the installation of the ATI Catalyst Control Center is handled automatically) or driver conflicts. And using F6 to install onto a SATA HDD will no longer be necessary either!

Currently there are 7 DriverPacks available, besides several 3rd party (unofficial) DriverPacks:
  • DriverPack Chipset
  • DriverPack CPU
  • DriverPack Graphics
  • DriverPack LAN
  • DriverPack MassStorage
  • DriverPack Sound
  • DriverPack WLAN

And to slipstream them, you will also need the DriverPacks BASE, which now has a nice GUI through which you can configure everything with the greatest ease.

The following installation platforms are supported:
  • disc (CD/DVD)
  • multibootDisc
  • BartPE plugin


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