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Application Introduction
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In this section, we'll be showing you how you can install applications silently without user interaction.

Each page will show you the necessary batch commands you will need to use. You will need to add these commands to your own batch file which will run from [GuiRunOnce]. You can see how I've done mine by looking at start.cmd in the Examples page.

» Application not listed?

Then find out what installer package it uses, and follow one of the links in the navigation menu under the Applications listing. This should be one of the first things to do when the application hasn't been added yet, the reason being is that the majority of applications are packaged using one of them.

If it's still not there, then try one of the following:
  • /silent
  • /s or /S
  • /help
  • /?

If you're still not sure, you can search and then ask in the Application Switches forum. If you get no response, you may want to consider emailing the developer of the application to ask if it supports a silent installation or not.

» When all else fails...

You can use an application that monitors your software installation, and then creates a silent-install package of the files and registry changes that occurred during the installation. These types of applications are listed below:

WinInstall LE 2003 (Freeware) Use the 'Discover' Wizard.
InstallRite (Freeware)
AutoIT (Freeware) and Collection of scripts from forum members
Symantec AI Snapshot (Included in Symantec Ghost Corporate)
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