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Hotfix Introduction
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Welcome to the portion to add system updates to your OS CD. There 4 methods. 2 manual, and 2 automated.

» Manual Way

The two methods here are using the /INTEGRATE switch of the newer hotfixes, or creating a SVCPACK.INF file. The /INTEGRATE method only works for the most recent hotfixes released, I recommend using this ONLY with Windows XP SP2 hotixes. This does not include the Internet Explorer patches. The SVCPACK.INF method is the old official method, which the /INTEGRATE switch does create, but doing it by hand allows you to also add the IE patch and others. The SVCPACK.INF method is compatible with Windows 2000-2003

Choose your method now:

» Automated Way

The other way is nLite which is only compatible with the newer hotfixes that have been recently released, and again suggested only for Windows XP SP2.

» Other Ways

A member of our forums, RyanVM, has created his own Update pack based on the Microsoft patches. While this is an efficient method of apply the hotfixes, it will not be discussed as there are many variables involved. However, if you are interested, feel free to visit his webpage for details. RyanVM\'s MSFN Files

XPCREATE is another member program created by GreenMachine. It\'s not mentioned in this guide because it is currently being updated and will be added at a later date. GreenMachine\'s Website

AutoPatcherXP and associated programs will not be discussed here as well. This is not meant to be a form of bias, but as above, there are many variables, and not everyone requires the patches that are included in this pack. AutoPatcher\'s Homepage

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