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Nullsoft SuperPiMP Install System (NSIS)
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Applications packaged with NSIS supports the /S switch for a silent installation (the 'S' is case-sensitive)

Setup.exe /S

You can also use the /D switch to specify a destination drive/directory to install the files into:

Setup.exe /S /D=E:\Software\CDex

If you do, prefer putting /S before /D="path" otherwise installation may not be silent.
Software such as Winamp and CDex show a confirmation that install was successful at the end (CDex), or an "end-of-install" screen where you set file associations and settings (Winamp). I haven't found a way to bypass this yet, but it shouldn't affect the rest of the batch commands in any way.

» How do I find out if a setup package is made by NSIS?

Many NSIS packaged installers show the familiar small window at the center of your screen, such as Winamp and CDex:

Unattended XPCD
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