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Office XP Introduction
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Got a DVD Recorder? You'll need it if you want to bundle Office XP with Windows XP, due to its large size. If not, you could use a 2nd CD for Office XP, and instruct the batch file on the Windows CD to ask you to insert the 2nd CD and then run the Office XP installation. You can follow this guide on the MSFN Forums for the how-to. Alternatively, you could SFX archive all the Office XP files (with WinRAR) and hopefully it will fit on your Windows XP CD.

This guide will show you how to run a silent unattended installation of Office XP. The Simple method will just run a silent install from an existing Office XP CD, and installs the full default components. If you feel like going advanced you can include all the updates to Office XP, and fully customize your installation options (yes, you even get to have control over what shortcuts to install, and whether or not to install that annoying Office Assistant!)

The Advanced method also doubles up as a slipstreaming guide, which will show you how to slipstream Service Pack 2, and the post-SP2 updates.

Office XP Simple | Office XP Advanced
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