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Fancy freeing up approximately 185 MB of space by deleting un-needed folders?

Folders considered safe to delete in your Windows Setup Source are:

DOCS, VALUEADD, and SUPPORT. This will free up 22.3 MB or so.

Let's go in further by navigating to the I386 directory with your Windows Setup Source. If you don't plan to use this CD to upgrade from a previous OS, you can delete the following folders:

WIN9XMIG, WIN9XUPG and WINNTUPG. This will free up 37.6 MB

If you have a localized language version of Windows in your own language, then you probably can also delete:

LANG. This will free up approximately 99 MB (This may vary)

As of Windows XP SP2, an extra folder known as cmpnents is added, with Tablet PC and .NET Framework 1.0 components which is also considered safe to delete (This folder may also contain Media Center components, which I'm unsure of as I don't personally use MCE).

cmpnents. This will free up 25.2 MB

If you are installing applications from the $OEM$ distribution folders, then you can run a search on your $OEM$ folders for any instmsia.exe and instmsiw.exe files. Delete any you find as you won't need them for Windows XP or 2003, because it already has an up-to-date version of Windows Installer 2.0.

» nLite - Further Reduction by Removing Additional Files

cliconfg.exe, cliconfg.dll - SQL Server Client Network Utility; I never even knew this existed
iexpress.exe - very obsolete Microsoft sfx-archive maker tool
moricons.dll - a dll containing icons in existence since Windows 3.1
powercfg.exe - command-line tool for modifying power management settings; the control panel is enough for most users
ssmypics.scr - My Images Screensaver

» Additional Links

nLite - A Windows Reduction Tool is usable with all NT based Windows.

jdeboeck's Guide to Windows XP slimmed down to 185MB for Service Pack 1 only.

gosh's Guide to Reducing Size of Source - compatible with all Windows versions.

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