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Ah! Now you get to see all the useful programs that you can use on your CD/DVD. They range from replacements for GUIRunOnce to Strippers. I'll attempt to group them into categories, unfortunately as with many great programs, they rarely stay in their own class.

I have tried to link to the homepage of the project rather then the forum thread. If you ever recieve a problem, please search for the forum thread to report the error. If any links are missing to the homepages PM Alanoll in the forums, and it'll get corrected.

» Hotfixes

  • XPCREATE is a utility program that will combine an original XP distribution and assorted hotfixes and updates to produce an up-to-date XP Distibution CD. XPCREATE allows the user to define custom installations and setup programs, but it's main richness lies in the slipstreaming of most available updates and hotfixes, thus insuring the integrity of both the initial installation, and the physical CD media. Slipstreaming the latest hotfixes and updates is important in avoiding possible vulnurability attacks during the setup phase, and in avoiding the need to re-apply hotfixes after a windows component is added or removed.

Windows XP SP2 Update Pack | Forum
  • The purpose of this pack is to replace files on the Windows XP install CD (with SP2 integrated) with the updated files from hotfixes issued since the release of Service Pack 2. It is meant solely for Windows XP Service Pack 2.
  • If any problems arise from using this pack, please post in RyanVM's forum and ONLY in his forum , as support will be rendered there in a timely manner.

» Application Installation Selection Utilities

  • XPlode is a tool which aids installation of programs during a Windows 2000, XP or 2003 installation.

Windows Installation Helper Utility | Forum
  • WIHU is an easy to use tool for user account creation and software installation, i.e. it allows the user to select software which should or should not be installed. After selection is finished it runs the desired applications automatically. Automated software installation is by the way the main purpose of WIHU.

Windows Post-Installer | Forum
  • Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI for short) is a hypertext application designed for giving users choice. While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install. In the past, end users and administrators needed to either download the files manually, or create overly complex scripts that could only be used once. WPI allows you to create one image, which can then be custom configured, and optionally, automated, so that end users can install any applications.

  • AutoIT script for installing/selecting software.

Software Installation Selection
  • Installs.exe is similar in function to Installs.vbs, though right now is has more options than installs.vbs.

» Application Installation Helpers

  • Say you want to use one Windows XP Unattend installation but have a different software configuration for every machine you got. You just have to burn one CD with all different sorts of software and to include areSilentInstall instead of RunOnceExec.bat in the XP CD.

Universal Switch Finder
  • This is a little program that can automatically determine which silent switches can be used with a setup file. Bare in mind however, that the listing may not be up-to-date or even contain what you're looking for.

RunOnceEX.cmd Creator
  • Easier way to create your own RunOnceEx.cmd if you're new to unattended installs. Also includes some default lines for well-known programs.

  • This app saves copies your files and saves locations. It will do everything in STEPS and copy the files as needed. Saving the Paths if you start over. Processing Hotfixes, Applications, and all the necessary steps to create your own backup XP CD with everything set up on install. No more installing, then spending countless hours setting all your programs up. Put the CD in and go take a shower.

» Shrinking Source

nLite | Forum
  • nLite is a GUI for permanent Windows component removal by your choice. After removal there is an option to make bootable image ready for burning on cd or testing in virtual machines. So that means that with nLite you will be able to have Windows installation cd which on installation doesn't install, or even contain on cd, unwanted components.

  • This will shrink the source of Office 2K3, XP, and 2K!

jdeboeck's Batch Files
  • Similar to nLite in design, however these came first. The only problem with the as of late is that they do not support Service Pack 2 for Windows XP where as nLite does.

» Misc.

Unattended Codec-Pack
  • You know that K-Lite Mega Codec pack? Think similar but pure codecs and no extras. This pack contains the more commonly used codecs out there and installs all of them for you.

RegTweakXP link is dead....
  • The program can be used to build custom Registry tweak files for use on your Unattended CD, Tweaking your own Registry on the fly, or exporting tweaks to single .reg files for whatever use you may have for them.

  • It ejects the CD and asks for the second or third CD, checks the label in every CD-ROM, finds out drive letter and if it is the right CD executes a file otherwise ejects and checks again until the right CD is inserted or cancel pressed (pressing cancel executes another file).

Bâshrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks
  • These DriverPacks contains the most commonly found drivers on the market ready for use in your Windows installation. It's continually updated, and with this you'll never have to go hunting for drivers again.

  • A small utility for previewing WINNTBBU.DLL. Originally intended to view other files as well, but support was never added.

Compression Bin
  • A GUI utility for makecab and modifype.

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