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Windows Post-Installer!
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Many users of late have seen this as the next step in their CD creation process. Primarily because it adds features like selections and customization of appearance. It also has a built in editor to add to the list of programs. It may also be considered open source as it is written in HTML and Javascript.

Things you'll need to do before getting started:
  • Download a copy of WPI from it's homepage.
  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file to either
    • A temporary folder for editing
    • If you're NOT installing everything from CD, then extract into $OEM$\$1\Install
    • If you are installing from CD, then extract it to a folder in your Windows Setup Source.
    Keep in mind, this is a REPLACEMENT for a normal method such as RunOnceEX and batch scripting, and so in that respect it will be called by Setup in the same manner. If you want to install everything at first logon, then read up on how Batch Scripting is executed.

» Selecting the language of WPI

If you don't speak the language that WPI is currently in upon loading, click the Options link on the left and the very top option to change will be language. Select yours from the drop down box, and click SAVE at the bottom. Unattended XPCD

» Adding Entries to WPI

Once you have it in your working folder download this config.js file and replace the one in the WPISCRIPTS folder. This will erase the currently loaded list of programs. If you however want to do it manually read the section below of editing entries.

Navigate to your WPI folder, double click the file: WPI.HTA
  • On the left side, click the item saying Config

    Unattended XPCD

  • You should now see in the middle a screen similar to:

    Unattended XPCD

    To get this exact screen, click the button at the bottom of the screen labelled ADD.

  • This will bring up a form like the following:

    Unattended XPCD

    This form will be where we do all of the entering of the commands and grouping and such.
    In the box labelled NAME enter the name of your program. Unattended XPCD
    The Description box is the description that is displayed when the mouse hovers over this program on the main page. Unattended XPCD
    If this is a program that MUST be installed before another program, be sure to put a number in the Order box. 1 will be executed before 2 and so on. This ONLY works if they are in the same group. Unattended XPCD
    Check the Default box if you want it to be installed by default.
    Check the Forced box if you don't want the user to even have a choice on installing it.
    Unattended XPCD
    The Category drop down box is where you specify what category you want it to be under. If the category is not listed, select other and type in the box what you would like it to be in. You MUST have a category other then NONE selected for it to be displayed. Unattended XPCD
    The box COMMAND 1 is where you will enter then actual instruction to execute the setup program. This can be copy pasted from batch script or RunOnceEX. If taken from RunOnceEX, you ONLY want to copy the portion that is within the quotes. Unattended XPCD
    If there are any consecutive commands such as taskkill's or deleting shortcuts that you will like executed following COMMAND 1's execution enter them in the remaining COMMAND # boxes.

  • When you are done entering this entry, click the SAVE button at the bottom. It will bring you back to the start page of WPI and displaying how it will look during normal execution.

  • Return to the Config screen and follow these steps untill you have completely entered your programs.

» Editing/Deleting Entries to WPI

Editing entries is quite simple. Return to the Config screen.

Instead of a barren screen with nothing on it, you will see a listing under navigation of all the programs entered thus far

Unattended XPCD

Click the one you wish to edit, and it will appear just to the right.
If you wish to delete this from WPI, simply click the delete link at the bottom of the form.

» Finalizing for Production

Before burning it to CD, you may wish to HIDE the CONFIG and OPTIONS links.

To begin, click the Options link to bring up the options page. It should be similar to:

Unattended XPCD

While we're on the topic, I'll also briefly cover some of the more useful options.

In this box, type the order you want them to be displayed in. The first thing typed, will be the first category displayed. Unattended XPCD
This will get you into the world of customization of WPI. This will simply change the background picture. Unattended XPCD
This is where you will decide whether or not to show or hide the CONFIG and OPTIONS links. Unattended XPCD
If you don't like the default mouse over description box, this is where you will change. Unfortunately, it is in pure CSS and must be entered as such. Unattended XPCD
Specify the number of programs to be installed in each instance of the RunOnceEX window. If you have more then the number specified, then they will be split into two or more windows. Unattended XPCD
This option is useful for Unattended installs, but still retain the functionality of selection during setup. The timer will countdown, and when it reaches zero, WPI will install the checked items. Unattended XPCD
Typically, WPI will sort the install process by name, regardless of category. If you want them installed by category, then mark the YES radio button. Unattended XPCD

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