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Advanced Methods Introduction
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Ah, the Advanced Methods. These are called advanced methods, simply because it's better to get an understanding of the installation process before you try to get complicated. You may find that depending on the route you go, you may feel as if you wasted time, but in reality it was entirely helpful.

The RunOnceEX from CD method is almost EXACTLY the same as the not from CD method, the difference being that the install files never leave the CD. This will reduce the amount of time setup takes to copy files over, and in some cases speed up the entire process. This also alleviated the need for a cleanup file to delete your install files. Unattended XPCD
The Windows Post-Installer Method is more of a replacement then an enhancement. It will completely replace RunOnceEX and the batch scripting. If you look to the right, you'll see an example of what this will turn into. It has the ability to be fully automated or allow you to select what programs you want to install. Unattended XPCD
Windows Installation Helper Utility allows the same sort of functionality as WPI, but seamless integrates into the look of the native Windows Setup. It also allows for User creation, and changing other system properties such as Computer Name and where special folders are placed. Unattended XPCD
XPlode was the first of the Setup addon programs to allow you to change the look of the box that appears while installing your programs. It's appearance is completely customizable, and the version in development is rumored to allow for user selection like the above applications and other features. Unattended XPCD

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