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Some of you may have the question of what if the file I have isn't one of the other three? Whether it be for a new boot image, or logon screen.

If you get the error message, saying that a file couldn't be copied correctly during the textmode portion of setup, then this is your place as well.

Download: ModifyPE 0.81 and save it in your SYSTEM32 directory for easy use later.

» Follow the yellow brick road

For this example, I'll be using shell32.dll as the file I want to replace.

Open a command prompt in the folder where your modified file is, and execute the following commands:

modifyPE.exe shell32.dll -c


makecab shell32.dll

Unattended XPCD

Having done that, you should have a compressed shell32.dl_ file (which was the purpose of using makecab). All you have to do now is copy shell32.dl_ to your i386 directory and overwrite when prompted.

Because we used modifyPE on the shell32.dll file, this edits the CRC header so Windows Setup will no longer attempt to abort the file copy. Instead it will allow the file through without prompting anything.

However, it will be logged in setuperr.log when Windows has finished installing, which will mention that the file isn't digitally signed. There's nothing to worry about as the original Microsoft file doesn't exist in either dllcache or on the CD, so there's no way it can be replaced back to its original version :-)

» Final Notes

One thing to keep in mind, only MAKECAB the file if it was compressed to begin with on the original CD.
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