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More Concurrent Connections
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The file TCPIP.SYS in Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is responsible for the limiting of concurrent connections. This usually affects programs such as online multiplayer games (where the number of users is massive) or download programs. In any case, other people just don't like having such a small limit. The current limit is 10 Concurrent Connections within a second. Let's change that.

At the bottom of the page, you\'ll find prepatched versions of this file.

» Hacking the file

For this, and to avoid you having to find the TCPIP.SYS file for your specific version of Windows, this page will walk you through it using nLite.

  • Start up nLite, and click next till you reach this screen:

    Unattended XPCD

    Deselect everything except Options.

  • Click next, and at the following screen click the Browse button and select your Windows Setup Source.

    Unattended XPCD

  • You should be presented with this screen, and uncheck everything to start with:

    Unattended XPCD

  • As we're dealing with TCP modification, check the following option, on the second tab, and type in the number you wish. Recommended is 10. In reality, if you have 100 connections within a second, there's usually something wrong. You can increase this number however if that\'s your wish.

    Unattended XPCD

  • After checking the box, click the next button. Click Yes at the prompt to start the process. It should only take a moment.

  • Click Next, then Finish.

  • Congratulations. You\'ve completed and your Windows Source is ready to install.

» Final Notes

As you may notice, there are many more options within nLite that you can use. In fact, you could do the TCP patch, the WFP patch, and the UXtheme patch all in one step. This guide just breaks it up.

» Prepatched Files

Two prepatched versions of this file are available, both for Windows XP Service Pack 2. They have been patched to 100 connections.

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