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Modified System Files Introduction
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This section will cover how to use modified system files. We will be replacing the files directly on the disc, so that they are installed as normal files and active immediately.

Unsigned Visual Styles - Ever want to install a visual style that's not one of the ones provided by Microsoft? Then this page is for you.

More Concurrent Connections - With the latest Service Pack for Windows XP, Microsoft put a limit of the maximum number of connections that can be made a second. This page will show you how to increase that limit.

Windows File Protection - Have you tried to replace a file on the system, and it either doesn't work, or you get a window wanting the Windows CD to replace the file? Let's get disabling of that shall we?

Other Modified Files - If for some reason, there's another file you want to replace on the Windows CD that's used by setup, then this will show you the basic steps to do it.

Unsigned Visual Styles | More Concurrent Connections | Windows Files Protection | Other Modified Files
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