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New Style Setup Billboards Colors
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Ok, so you've changed the Background image, and possibly the text, but now the White Text just doesn't seem to be working out too well now. Or perhaps the green progress bar, just clashes with everything else?

We'll be using a program that will HEX edit key positions automatically for you, to change the colors. Download it below.

Download: BBU Color Changer

Read the Reference page on compressed files, and save the extracted WINNTBBU.DLL file to a temp directory. Always use the same file version as that of your Windows version. Don't use a SP1 file for a SP2 OS basically.

» Changing the Colors

After downloading the BBU Color Changer, execute the SFX file to extract it to a directory. Just type in the box where you want it.

  • Start up the BBU Color Changer, and you should see a box similar to:

    Unattended XPCD

  • Click the Browse button, and navigate to your expanded WINNTBBU.DLL file you created by reading the reference page Compressed Files.

  • The four colors you can change should be self explanatory, but let's look at them anyway.

    • Text Color - Refers to all of the text color, regardless of position. This will change ALL the text's color.

    • Hilight Text Color - Refers to the color of the current process being executed listed on the right side of the screen.

    • Text Shadow - Refers to the shadow shown on the "title" text, in the image below the "An exciting new look" text.

      Unattended XPCD

    • Progress Bar - Refers to the color of the progress bar.

  • Click the Edit Color button, and a standard color selection screen will appear. Select your color and click OK.

  • Continue through the rest of the colors you wish to change. When you're done, click the Apply button. Close the BBU Color Changer.

  • Go back to the compressed files, and read the section on makecab and do what it says.

  • After using makecab on the WINNTBBU.DLL file, copy BOTH the .DLL and the .DL_ files into your I386 directory, replacing any already there.

» Previewing the Change

You have three options to preview your Background change. Two of which involve using the Windows Setup routine.
  • After replacing the original files in i386, double click on WINNT32.EXE. This will cause SETUP to initiate. It will stop on the first screen, however, in the back you should see your modifications.

  • Start up a virtual machine and let setup run through untill it reaches the GUI portion, and then you should see your modified backgroud image.

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