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New Style Setup Billboards Background Image
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One of the most common ways of editing the setup billboard is to remove that blue background. It can be replaced by almost any image.

I'll be using ResEdit, so go download it yourself, and we can get started.

Read the Reference page on compressed files, and save the extracted WINNTBBU.DLL file to a temp directory. Always use the same file version as that of your Windows version. Don't use a SP1 file for a SP2 OS basically.

» Changing the image

  • Open up WINNTBBU.DLL in your resource editor, and select the image you wish to replace. Look below for a table of the corresponding resource numbers and descriptions.

  • Once you have the bitmap resource selected, click the Replace button

    Unattended XPCD

    In the Open window, select your replacement backgroud image. It can be a wallpaper found on your system, or simply an image you have created. The resolution should be a normal resolution such as 800x600 or 1024x768 etc, AND a BITMAP (BMP) image.

  • Once you're done editing the file click the SAVE button

    Unattended XPCD

    The file should be saved as WINNTBBU.DLL in your I386 directory.

  • Once saved, you may exit ResEdit. Go back to the compressed files, and read the section on makecab and do what it says.

  • After using makecab on the WINNTBBU.DLL file, copy BOTH the .DLL and the .DL_ files into your I386 directory, replacing any already there.

Below you will find a table with the descriptions of the bitmap resource numbers
Resource # Description
103 The True Color background image used during Windows XP Setup
153 This image is in 16bit incase the VGASAVE driver fails to load for Windows XP Setup
123 The True Color background image used during Windows 2003 Setup
163 This image is in 16bit incase the VGASAVE driver fails to load for Windows 2003 Setup

» Previewing the Change

You have three options to preview your Background change. Two of which involve using the Windows Setup routine.
  • Use this program by jcarle to preview it. It's called XPreview and requires the .NET Framework to be installed. - MSFN Thread

    Upon installing the little program, start it up. Click on the File Menu at the top, select Open, and then open your modified WINNTBBU.DLL file. It should then appear in the middle of the program.

    Unattended XPCD

  • After replacing the original files in i386, double click on WINNT32.EXE. This will cause SETUP to initiate. It will stop on the first screen, however, in the back you should see your modifications.

  • muahhahaha it works ...
  • Start up a virtual machine and let setup run through untill it reaches the GUI portion, and then you should see your modified backgroud image.

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