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New Style Setup Billboards Introduction
Submitted by Unknown

The New Style Billboards allow loads of customizations. Read below to find out what this guide will cover.

The first thing I'll cover is changing the Blue or Silver backgrounds of the billboards. We can replace it with anything we want, and give setup our own feel. This may be useful for companies who want to brand their setups.
Next will be changing the remaining images, such as the Bullets and Windows logo in the upper Left.
Changing the text without any visual help can seem daunting. Luckily visual help is what you'll find here. Each string of text has a picture associated with it, as well as a slideshow to illustrate its position during the setup process.
Colors Colors Colors. After all the other customizations, the colors may no longer work with the new images. Let's change that.

Background | Other Images to Change | Text | Colors
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