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We're going to be setting setup to automatically load a Theme for the new install.

The beauty of theme files, is that they not only control the Visual Style that is running, but it also saves the Icons, Colors, Sounds, Wallpaper, Screen Saver, and Cursors. Let's walk through how to create a theme file, and then everything you'll need to make it work.

» Creating the theme file

First things first, set your Windows desktop to the appearance you desire, including Icons, sounds, screensaver, cursor and wallpaper.

  • Open up the Display Control Panel, and select the Themes tab.

    Unattended XPCD

  • Click the Save As button, and save your .theme file in $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\

There, see! That wasn't so hard.

» Copying over the files so that it will work properly

Now comes the tricky part. If you used ANY nonstandard Windows visuals (cursors, icons, screensavers, etc.) then you're going to have to find out where they're placed.

Most of the files should have been saved in your Windows directory, however if they're not, then you'll need to refer to the Distribution Folders page to figure out what directory the files go in.

Now in distribution folder talk, %systemdrive%\Windows\ (your Windows directory) is equivalent to \$OEM$\$$\. Since this is the case, just recreate the SAME folder names as the source directories (if the files came from Media, create a new folder called Media in the $$ folder) and then copy the files you used into it.

This will be the case for the visual style, and it will be my example.

  • Navigate to your %systemdrive%\Windows\resources\Themes folder. Mine looks like this

    Unattended XPCD

  • This is where you will have to remember what visual style you selected. I selected Storm as my visual style, so what I'm going to do, is copy the ENTIRE Storm folder from this folder into $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\. This will cause the copied folder to return to it's original location during setup.

Do the same with your remaining files such as Sounds and Screensavers. Remember however, most likely you won't want to copy the entire folder but just the individual files you used.

» Having Setup Use the theme file

By simply having setup copy over the files does NOT mean it will work that easily. However, we just need to add two line to the WINNT.SIF file.

CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\MyTheme.theme"

Just copy the above two lines into your WINNT.SIF file at the bottom, and replace MyTheme.theme with the filename of the theme file you created at the beginning.
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