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Now that we have all the Unattendedness out of the way, let's start customizing our install. I will be covering topics ranging from setup itself, to when Windows is actually running. They are listed below.

The Setup Billboards are what are displayed during setup. They'd the screens that appear on screen, and in Windows XP and Windows 2003's case, they're "advertising" the features of the operating system. Unattended XPCD
The Boot Screen is shown upon system startup. All NT systems of them, and they're located in the ntoskrnl.exe file in your Windows directory. We'll be changing not only the image, but also the scrollbar and colors use a program called Boot Editor.

Unfortunately, this method does NOT work for Windows 2000. In fact, this method has ONLY been tried on Windows XP, so if it DOES work for you let me know so I can change this.
Unattended XPCD
So you've replaced your UXTHEME.DLL but also want to include your favorite theme with Windows and have it active at startup? We'll create our own theme file for this. This method will NOT replace any files in your Windows Source, and only works in Windows XP and above. Unattended XPCD
You all see the Logon Screen but have you ever changed them? We'll look into changing both the Classic Logon and the Welcome Screen for Windows. Unattended XPCD
Most OEM manufactures such as Dell and HP have their information and logo in the System Properties dialogue box. How bout we add our own instead? Unattended XPCD

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