Unattended XPCD

Finalizing and Testing the CD
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Once you're happy with your Unattended XP CD preparation, double check to see if everything is correct, including the winnt.sif answer file, all the batch files, svcpack.inf, and anything else you might have added.

It is very likely that you will have several mistakes that have gone unnoticed, so it's a good idea to test your installation in a Virtual Machine. If you prefer to not use a Virtual Machine be sure to use CD-RW/DVD-RW discs to test before burning to a single-burn medium.

» Using Microsoft's CDImage Tool to create the ISO

CDImage is a command-line driven application developed by Microsoft to create an ISO image from a directory of files and folders. We'll be using the CDIMAGE GUI to better illustrate the switches, especially since it's easier to determine which switches you wish to use. The CDIMAGE GUI is just a frontend for the command-line tool. Read more about CDIMAGE GUI in the reference section.

Alternatively, doing it the long way round, you can burn all the contents of C:\XPCD\ to a CD-R, using one of these guides: MSFN Windows XP SP2 Guide | The Elder Geek Windows XP SP2 Guide

» Notes

Make sure you burn the ISO using Disc-at-once in your burner options, rather than Track-at-once. Because this usually helps resolve bootability issues or file copy errors.

Using software such as WinISO, UltraISO or any other variant to create/edit your bootable ISO image is not recommended as there is a risk of corrupting your ISO file.

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